• Succession planning – we need you!

    The West Dalhousie School Council and Parent Association will be saying good bye to several key volunteers at the end of the year as families graduate and move onto other schools.  We are looking to fill a few key roles for the 2015/16 school year:

    School Council/Parent Association Secretary

    One person to act as secretary for both parent groups.  School council meets 8 times a year.  Parent Association meets about 2 times a year, on the same day as a School Council meeting.  Secretary takes minutes at the meeting and emails them to attendees.  Minutes are also uploaded onto the Google Drive associated with this webpage.

    Parent Association Chair

    The West Dalhousie Parent Association (WDPA) is our fundraising parent society.  The main job of the WDPA, and the chair, is to run our biannual casino fundraiser.  This involves recruiting and scheduling volunteers for the two day casino.  Other jobs include: chairing WDPA meetings, signing authority on bank account, supporting other members of WDPA executive (vice chair, treasurer, secretary).  The playground project is also being run through our parent society, thus oversight of this project is required until October 2015.

    We are always looking for more parents to get involved!  Join us at our next meeting on April 9 to find out more!  If you would like to contact the School Council Chair for more details, please fill out the form below.

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