• Finding Flowers in Nature’s Place

    NPFlower3 Another school year has passed and while things may be winding down inside the school, things are just getting started in Nature’s Place.  To some, the garden looks like a jumble of weeds, but if you stop and look, you will notice a plethora of flowers in bloom.

    NPFlower4 While all variety of plants are starting to display their colourful petals, students are out displaying their own talents! How lucky that they can take advantage of the beautiful weather and the plot of nature just steps from the school’s doors. Students in grades 3/4 have been spending time outside experiencing sensory detail and writing poetry.  Grade 5/6 students have been heading outside to practice descriptive writing.  The younger students have also been outdoors learning about boats and buoyancy.  Kindergarten stNPFlower2udents will be planting seeds in the keyhole garden in front of the school.  If the squirrels and birds behave themselves, these students should be greeted by beautiful, colourful sunflowers when they return to grade one in the fall.

    Recently, your child brought home a form asking for volunteers to help look after Nature’s Place over the summer.  We are looking for families to commit to weed the garden for one week over the summer holidays.  Even one or two hours over the course of a week can make a significant difference!  It is always a battle to keep weeds under control in such a large garden and every bit helps.  If you haven’t already, please consider sign up.  Gloves, small hand trowels and instructions will be provided.  Lost your form? Send us an email to sign up!

    NPFlower1Nature’s Place will be selling SUTP (Student Union Ticket Pack) coupon books this fall, with all proceeds going to Nature’s Place.  The dry creek bed will be getting a much-needed upgrade this summer/fall and the students can look forward to another mass mulch makeover.

    We here at Nature’s Place wish you all a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!

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