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    A Special Thank You!

    This summer NatureNP image1’s Place was shown a lot of love by the West Dalhousie School community. Several students and families helped weed, fix up the wooden composters, cut back overgrown shrubbery, top up the dry creek bed with gravel, and even donate a beautiful cone flower by the school doors (see photo). As with any garden, Nature’s Place benefits from regular maintenance to help keep it looking its best. A big thank you and warm thoughts go to all those students and families who gave their time and efforts this summer.


    Keyhole Garden

    Last spring the kindergarten students planted sunflower seeds in the keyhole garden:NP image 2

    And when they returned to school in the fall, they were rewarded with this:

    NP image 4NP image 3

    Excellent work! I know we look forward to seeing what this year’s kindergartners plant.

    Mabel’s Labels

    If you want to order labels and name tags to help keep track of your child’s belongings, please note that Nature’s Place is continuing its association with Mabel’s Labels. Just click on the link: Mabel’s Labels – Nature’s Place

    Nature’s Place Meetings

    Want to learn more about Nature’s Place? All parents are always welcome to attend our meetings which are held about four or five evenings a year. Our next meeting won’t be until spring, but if you’re interested, please drop in (the date of the next meeting will be announced in the next newsletter). The meetings are casual, fun and informative. Currently membership is low and we are always looking for interested parties to join us. No weeding takes place at the meetings!

    Photos of Nature’s Place

    For those who already miss summer, below are some photos displaying some of the beauty found in Nature’s Place last season:

    NP image 5 NP image 6 NP image 7

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