• Spring in Nature’s Place

    The Weather and Nature’s Place

    “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it” – Mark TwainNP spring 2016 1

    This year we’ve been experiencing very dry and warm weather. Such conditions can take their toll on gardens, even those with native plants, like in Nature’s Place. However, with recent rains, life is starting to show itself in the school’s garden. Now is a great time to walk through Nature’s Place with your child and look closely at the plants coming back after another winter sleep.

    Students in the Garden

    NP spring 2016 2


    Recently volunteers raked away autumn’s leftover leaves, removed the winter mulch of last year’s perennials, and trimmed back the shrubs that were overgrowing the school windows. Nature’s Place is now primed and ready for the teachers and students who will soon be donning gloves to add compost from school lunch wastes, dig up persistent weeds, and spread mulch to help keep away future weeds.


    Summer Maintenance in Nature’s Place

    Speaking of weeding, you may have spotted a notice in your child’s agenda inviting families to sign up for summer maintenance at Nature’s Place. Participating families will be asked to take care of Nature’s Place for just one week over the summer; just weeding a bit here and there, picking up garbage, and watering if the conditions are particularly dry, can make a huge difference. Nature’s Place isn’t perfect; weeds and minor maintenance will always be required, and volunteers will always be appreciated and welcomed. Whether you sign up as a summer maintenance volunteer or just stop and pick a handful of dandelions before they seed, every bit counts!

    NP spring 2016 3 NP spring 2016 4

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